Sub-Junior aesthetic 2022 Saturday

Equipment and costumes

To participate in calisthenics, your child will use the following equipment:

  • clubs
  • rod
  • aesthetic skirt
  • black jazz shoes (Capezio women's E series slip-on).

Find equipment costs.

Your child must bring a water bottle to each class in order to stay properly hydrated.

If your child is trying calisthenics for the first time, all equipment is available to borrow for the first few weeks.

Clothing and appearance


Sub-Juniors and Juniors are required to wear a compulsory college leotard to training. We will fit and order this for them at the beginning of Term 1 or when they start classes. Intermediates wear a black leotard.

Your child may wear a ballet wrap and footless tights or leggings in cooler weather. Jumpers and tracksuit pants are not suitable to wear during training as our coaches cannot see correct deportment and alignment under bulky clothing.

Our college jackets are compulsory for students in all age groups. Your child must wear their jacket whenever they are representing the college. We will fit them for their jacket in Term 2.


For safety reasons, long hair should be neatly secured in a ponytail or bun, with fringes off the face. All jewellery must be removed.


For competitions, you will need to supply the following items for your child:

  • flesh coloured dance knickers
  • hair brush and tail comb.

You may also be required to purchase:

  • wiglet
  • bun donut.

If any of these additonal items are needed, the team manager will let you know well before the first competition.

Other items required at competitions are included in the costume and incidental fees:

  • makeup and individual use applicators
  • hair consumables, such as, hairspray, bobby pins and hairnets
  • false eyelashes.


We own sets of costumes that are carefully maintained and reused. You are not required to sew costumes and are not left with a wardrobe full of costumes following competitions.

All costumes are made by experienced sewers. Occasionally you may be asked to help with some minor hand sewing or repairs. After a competition or concert, you may be asked to take one set of costumes home to be hand washed.

We charge a costume and incidental fee to cover purchase and hire of costumes, maintenance and storage costs.

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