Each year our coaches nominate outstanding members of their teams for various awards, acknowledging their enthusiasm, dedication and commitment to their team, the sport, our college and beyond.

Our awards include:

  • participation awards
  • special achievement awards
  • 5-year college membership
  • 10-year college membership.

Special achievement awards

Volunteer of the Year - this award recognises a volunteer who consistently displays a strong commitment to their role as a volunteer. They go 'above and beyond' their duties, show initiative and take on extra tasks to help others.

Most Dedicated Member - the recipient of this trophy displays a commitment to calisthenics and participates with enthusiasm and passion to the best of their ability. They show a dedication to calisthenics and aim to achieve excellence at all levels including club, individual and state representation.

Our achievements

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  • special achievements and recognition of our members, past and present.

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