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  • Act Belong Commit® - we are proud partners of Act Belong Commit® supporting good mental health in our community. Boost your mental wellbeing by completing the interactive Mental Wellbeing Quiz. At the end you will receive an overall wellbeing score and Act Belong Commit scores and suggestions. Complete the Mental Health Quiz.
  • Calisthenics Association of WAthe association's mision is to promote the healthy, physical, mental and social involvement of Calisthenics to the Western Australian community.
  • Australian Calisthenic Federation - the aim of the Australian Calisthenic Federation (ACF) is to develop, promote, administer and co-ordinate in a professional and efficient manner, the unique Australian sport of Calisthenics at a National level, for the enjoyment and benefit of all.
  • The Calisthenics Shop - specialises in aesthetic practice skirts, march boots and socks, costume decorating supplies, leotards, gifts and much more.
  • Healthwaya government health promotion agency dedicated to improving the health of all Western Australians.
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