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Coaches are supported by cadets (assistant coaches) and class assistants who help with their classes. Cadets are at various levels of qualifying to become coaches and are also required to complete extensive training. One of the requirements is their participation in the Calisthenic Skills Program.

Members who are interested in becoming a class assistant or cadet can get more information from our head coach.

Annalise - Cadet

Annalise has been a member of our college since 2010. This year Annalise assists as a cadet for our Juniors team. She is also a valued member of our Intermediates team and performs in solo, duo and graceful competitions each year.

Annalise is grateful for her 'cali family', who over the years have become some of her best friends. Annalise loves performing 'free arm', learning new tricks and helping our younger members find the passion she has for calisthenics.

Annalise represented Western Australia in the Calisthenic Association of WA (CAWA) State Team in 2021 and 2022. She received Imperial's 'Most Dedicated Member Award' in 2014 and 2020.

Annalise hopes to study science and medicine when she leaves secondary school.

Banjo - Cadet

Banjo started calisthenics with our college 11 years ago and is a cadet for our Juniors age group.

Throughout her calisthenics journey Banjo has enjoyed competing in numerous solo, duo and graceful competitions and performing on stage with her talented Intermediate teammates.

Her favourite part of the sport is the long-lasting friendships she has made over the years and the supportive, encouraging environment they (and the coaches) bring to every class and competition.

Beside the social aspects, she enjoys building skills and challenging herself. Banjo represented WA in the State Team in 2022 and has been selected again in 2023. Banjo is looking forward to continuing her work as a cadet for Imperial, competing with her friends and teammates, and possibly becoming a coach in the future.

Kaitlyn - CadetCadet 2 Katie

Katie started calisthenics at Imperial in 2014 as a member of our Sub-Junior team. This is her fourth year cadeting at our college.

Katie was a member of the 2019 and 2021 WA Frangipani Team. The team competed at the Frangipani Challenge in Darwin and placed first overall at both events.

In 2022 Katie represented WA as a member of the WA State Team. She has been selected for the team again in 2023.

Katie's favourite thing about calisthenics is the friends she has made over the years. In the future she wants to become a calisthenics coach.

Scarlett 2022 Cadet

Scarlett - Cadet

Scarlett has been a member of our college since 2012. In 2023 she is a cadet for our Sub-Juniors team.

Scarlett loves performing and has taken dance lessons since she was 2 years old. She is an integral member of our Intermediates team and enjoys performing in solo, duo and graceful competitions each year.

Scarlett has represented Western Australia 5 times in the CAWA State Team. Scarlett and her WA teammates are 3-time national champions.

Chloe - Cadet

Cadet Chloe

Hannah - Cladet

Cadet Hannah

Gabriella - Cadet

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