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State Team

The Australian Calisthenics Federation have announced that they will not hold a National Championship in 2024.

Read the following information to learn about the Calisthenic Association of WA (CAWA) State Team.

State team workshops and trials

All members are invited to attend the CAWA State Team workshops and can trial for the team.

The trials are generally held in November each year. We email our members with registration details for these events.

Team selection and commitment

If your child auditions and is selected for the team, there is a significant time and financial commitment involved. The girls usually train for 5 or more hours on the weekend between January and July. The training is held at various venues across Perth.

State Team competition - National Championships

Participants compete at the annual National Championships. The competition is usually held during the July school holidays. This event concludes participants' State Team commitments for the year.

2023 Imperial representatives

In 2023, 2 of our members were selected for the WA Intermediate State Team and 1 for the Sub-junior State team. The girls, and their teammates from clubs across WA, performed at the National Championships in Brisbane. Two of our coaches also held State Team positions.

To find out who our representatives were, refer to Achievements in 2023.

Find more information on the CAWA website about the State Team.

State team representatives Intermediates 2022

Photo: Our 2022 Intermediate state team representatives, and national champions!

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