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Calisthenic Skills Program

Your child may choose to participate in the Australian Calisthenic Federation (ACF) Calisthenic Skills Program.

The program consists of short practical exams taken every 1 to 3 years, and only after pupils have been adequately prepared by coaching staff. The program is similar to the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) ballet examination system and involves pupils demonstrating sound calisthenic technique for an examiner.

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Skill development

The program is designed to develop:

  • fitness
  • flexibility
  • coordination
  • rhythm
  • sense of achievement
  • musicality
  • deportment and poise
  • self-esteem and self-discipline.

Training and syllabus

The program is run during Term 4. Generally we try to run skills preparation classes during or following regular team training times.

Access the complete range of ACF Calisthenic Skill Syllabus videos.

Recommended ages

The syllabus progresses through a number of stages suitable to the growth and development of the individual. To find out the recommended ages for the examinations, refer to the Calisthenic Association of WA (CAWA) website information on the Calisthenic Skills Program.

Enrol in the program

Our coaches will give you or your child information about the program (including the enrolment form) in late August.

You should discuss your child's interest with their coach before deciding to enrol. Your child's coach will recommend the appropriate exam for your child based on their age and capabilities. Once enrolled, you will be given the details of classes to attend in preparation for the exam.


There is a cost involved and this fee is noted on the application form.


The usual dates for the exams are late November to early December.

Dates for specific test and grade exams are set by CAWA. Participants will attend one exam only. Preparation classes may also be held.

Cadet Coaching Program requirements

Members that want to participate in the Cadet Coaching Program must be actively participating in the Calisthenic Skills Program and have achieved:

  • Grade 1, prior to commencing as class assistants
  • Grade 2, for cadets.

Members who are interested in becoming a class assistant or cadet can get more information from our head coach. Find out more about our cadets.

National Championships participation requirements

To participate in the National Championships, all solo graceful competition and solo and duo competition participants must have attained specific levels within the Calisthenic Skills Program. To find out what these levels are, refer to the CAWA website page on the Calisthenic Skills Program.

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