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Your child will benefit from the care, experience and enthusiasm of our fully-trained coaches, accredited with the Australian Sports Foundation National Coaching Accreditation Scheme and the Calisthenics Association of WA.  Many of our coaches also have experience in coaching State calisthenic teams and representatives


Natalie Trew - Sub-Junior 1 / Head Coach

Natalie began calisthenics in the 80's as a member of the Carine Calisthenic Club.  She starting coaching calisthenics with this club and went on to coach at Northside (now Athena) and Floreat Calisthenics Club.  Natalie was a founder of the Quinns Calisthenics Club.

In the 90's Natalie was a Sub-Junior coach for the Calisthenic Association of Western Australia's State team. Natalie is a high school teacher.

Cassandra Smith - Sub Junior 2

Breanna Knight - Junior 1

Breanna has been enjoying Calisthenics since she started at the age of 7.  She has competed as a member of the State team and in 2014 competed with her teammates at the Royal South Street Competition in Ballarat.

She has been a cadet for numerous teams, even cadeting for 3 teams in the same year. Breanna enjoys competing in Solo/Duo and Graceful competitions. She has received the Kristy Wyburn award at her current club and has been nominated for the Amanda Young Cadet Award. Breanna is currently studying a double major in Animal Science and Animal Health at Murdoch University.

Olivia Stevens - Junior 2

Tahlia Milentis - Intermediate

Cassandra Smith

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