About Calisthenics


Imperial girls friendship

Your child's participation in calisthenics will help them to develop:

  • self-discipline
  • teamwork
  • commitment
  • responsibility
  • self-esteem
  • lasting friendships.

From a developmental perspective, the different disciplines can help to establish:

  • general fitness
  • sensory development and integration
  • directionality
  • memory
  • musical appreciation
  • rhythm
  • fundamental motor skills
  • social awareness.

As a sport, calisthenics improves:

  • co-ordination
  • mobility
  • balance
  • strength
  • grace
  • flexibility
  • deportment.

As an art, it encourages an appreciation of:

  • music
  • rhythm
  • the celebration of movement
  • the excitement of performing on stage.

For more information about calisthenics please visit the other calisthenics sites on our links page.


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